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Customized Assessments

Whether you’re assessing coding skills, data analysis, or any other subject, SimplifiedIQ enables you to design assessments that truly reflect your educational objectives, for a more effective and targeted learning experience.

Real-time Grading

Our Real-time Grading provides instant feedback that transforms assessments into success stories. Learners receive immediate insights into their performance, fostering a sense of accomplishment and motivation.

Progressive Learning

Our platform adapts dynamically to learners’ progress, offering challenges that match their evolving skills. By tailoring assessments to each learner’s proficiency level, SimplifiedIQ ensures a personalized learning journey.

Detailed Result Analysis

Delve beyond simple scores and uncover intricate details, strengths, and areas for improvement. With comprehensive data at your fingertips, tailor your teaching strategies to individual needs, enhancing the overall educational experience.

Simplify the creation of 'engaging assessments'

Whatever tech-related subject you’re teaching, SimplifiedIQ empowers you to create engaging assessments tailored to your unique curriculum, gain profound insights into your learners’ strengths and weaknesses, and elevate their educational experience.

Push your customized assessments beyond limitations

One assessment, multiple categories

Save time by reducing duplication. Create assessments that can be used within one or more categories and levels.

Level tags

Data-driven placements fully enhanced. Place members within their appropriate level to ensure peer-to-peer growth and development.


Progressive learning has never been easier. Set your members up for success—allowing them take one assessment at a time.

Tech Schools & Bootcamps

Our simplified tool meets the dynamic needs of tech education as we cater to the specific demands of tech and non-tech evaluations. These includes hands-on coding challenges, all round product skill tests, UX design, and in-depth data assessment.

Corporate Training

Create custom assessments aligned with your training objectives, whether it's evaluating compliance knowledge, leadership abilities, or technical skills. Get real-time feedback and data-driven results that support ongoing learning initiatives, which helps fine-tune training programs.

Employers and Recruiters

Gain insights into candidates' technical competencies and problem-solving abilities. SimplifiedIQ's detailed analytics assists in making informed hiring decisions, streamlining the recruitment process and ensuring a seamless transition.

Schools & Universities

Offering a holistic assessment tool that caters to diverse academic needs, our platform accommodates a wide range of assessment formats. With real-time grading and detailed analytics, educators can tailor their teaching strategies to enhance student learning outcomes.

Our solution fits right into your training

Considering your type of institution, SimplifiedIQ’s data-driven insights into your students’ performance will enhance your training delivery.

Save time and resources with our automated assessment grading, providing your members with immediate results and feedback.

Delegate your assessment grading to SimplifiedIQ and get your time back to scale your training delivery.

Get your time back

I love how quickly and efficiently it creates and auto-grades exams, saving loads of time. Plus, it’s perfect for making well-informed training decisions.


We provide customizable, interactive, and dynamic quiz experiences.


from high-stakes certification exams to regular academic testing, conduct exams efficiently.

Professional Development

Facilitate professional development with a range of tools tailored for growth and enhancement.

Assignments & Homework

Create questions that are designed to strengthen the abilities of your students.


Make informed hiring decisions from initial screening to final selection.

Language Learning

Help your learners build confidence and achieve fluency faster.


Evaluate strategic thinking, product knowledge, documentation, and sales acumen with flexible assessments.


Assess Agile methodologies, team facilitation, and problem-solving skills that are unique to Scrum Masters.

Quality Assurance

Craft evaluations that gauge attention to detail, testing methodologies, and User Acceptance Testing proficiency.

Your skill assessment needs—all in one place

No matter the type of institution, we have simplified assessment delivery and result analysis such that decision-making becomes the least of your worries.

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SimplifiedIQ is an intuitive platform that enables educators to develop and administer tailored assessments, helping to gauge and enhance student learning.

SimplifiedIQ supports various question types, including multiple-choice, code challenges, comprehension, short answer, and essay questions, etc. allowing educators to design assessments that align with their teaching objectives. More assessment types are being added.

SimplifiedIQ grades assessments automatically for immediate feedback and can also accommodate manual grading to support comprehensive evaluation.

Yes, SimplifiedIQ delivers powerful analytics and reporting features that provide insights into student performance, helping educators make informed decisions.

Absolutely! SimplifiedIQ allows educators to create customized assessments tailored to different subjects, grade levels, and learning objectives to provide personalized testing experiences.

Students can monitor their progress on SimplifiedIQ, accessing their scores and personalized feedback to identify strengths and focus on areas for improvement.

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