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We believe in the power of accurate, data-driven assessments to transform education, our solution is just the beginning. Join us on this journey to unlock the full potential of learners and educators alike. With SimplifiedIQ, the future of education is not just simplified; it is smarter, more adaptable, and more achievable.

Skills & Knowledge Testing

It goes beyond traditional testing mechanisms by incorporating dynamic, data-driven assessments that reflect real-world challenges and competency requirements. It is about gaining insights into where learners stand and guiding them towards their full potential. 


SimplifiedIQ empowers you to create an environment that adapts to the diverse needs, interests, and learning styles of individuals. Whether it is through your personalized touch, progressive learning, or customized feedback, our platform ensures that every learner can thrive.

Question Randomization

Ensuring an effective response pattern, SimplifiedIQ randomizes questions for every person taking an assessment. Turned on by default, different questions will be displayed to multiple learners attempting the same assessment at the same time.


Progressive learning has never been easier. Set your learners up for success—allowing them to access one assessment at a time. You can quickly understand every learner’s strength and area of improvement.


Save time, resources, and increase efficiency by reducing duplication. You can create assessments that can be used within one or more categories and levels, helping you gather the right insight across multiple categories.

Question Generation

Our approach not only streamlines the creation of high-quality questions but also ensures that assessments are aligned with your specific learning objectives and competency levels—powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Addressing one of the most time-consuming aspects of teaching—grading responses. By automating this process, you can focus more on curriculum development, personalized teaching, and direct engagement with learners.

You have access to detailed reports on result trends, allowing for the analysis of learner’s performance over time and the identification of areas where additional instruction or support may be needed. This enables more informed decisions that can improve educational outcomes.

Going beyond scores as points, our platform ensures that feedback is a stepping-stone towards deeper understanding and improved performance. By providing timely, personalized feedback, you help demystify the path to improvement, making education a more interactive, supportive, and effective experience. 

Turned off by default, you can turn on the ability to manually grade responses—giving you full control over each response, review, grading, and feedback.

Grading & feedback

Redefining the essential element of education through a comprehensive grading and feedback loop, designed to deliver timely, meaningful, and constructive feedback alongside accurate grading.


We built integrity and secure testing environments by employing sophisticated monitoring tools and security protocols to prevent cheating and unauthorized access. This commitment to integrity ensures that each assessment accurately reflects a learner’s knowledge and abilities, fostering trust in the assessment process. 


Designed to uphold the highest standards of assessment honesty while providing a secure, fair testing environment for all learners, offering peace of mind to you.

Plagiarism Detection

Start leveraging the power of our built-in plagiarism detection for descriptive open-ended responses to ensure academic integrity and promote original thinking among your learners.

Anti-cheating feedback

Receive detailed reports on any irregularities or breaches of integrity during assessments, this allows you to take appropriate action, upholding the standards of assessment honesty.


From secure login procedures to encryption of data in transit and at rest, SimplifiedIQ employs comprehensive security measures to protect the integrity of assessments and the privacy of learners' information.

Comprehensive Dashboard

SimplifiedIQ’s dashboards can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you are an educator tracking class performance, an administrator overseeing multiple cohorts, or an employer gauging training effectiveness, our platform provides the relevant data at your fingertips. 

Access up-to-the-minute information on learner progress, assessment outcomes, and more. This immediacy not only saves time but also reduces error, allows for timely interventions and adjustments to teaching strategies, ensuring optimal learning outcomes. 

Make decisions based on solid data, not just intuition. With comprehensive reports and analysis, you can make informed decisions about curriculum adjustments, teaching strategies, and student support services. 

Streamline administrative tasks and focus on what truly matters—delivering exceptional experiences. SimplifiedIQ’s reports save time and effort, allowing you to dedicate more energy to their learners, identify and allocate resources more effectively, and focus efforts on strategies and interventions. 


Effective reporting transforms raw data into a strategic asset. SimplifiedIQ takes this to the next level by offering comprehensive, intuitive, and valuable reports. These reports are not merely informational; they are tools that drive decision-making, foster transparency, and catalyze the achievement of your organizational goals. 

Integrations & API

Not only fits into your educational ecosystem but enhances it, focusing on compatibility and extensibility empowering institutions, educators, and developers to create a cohesive, efficient, and personalized educational experience.

Seamless System Integration

Our API provides the tools you need and seamlessly integrates with a wide range of educational tools and systems, including LMSs, SISs, and third-party educational resources. Ensuring that your educational technology ecosystem works together harmoniously.

Data Synchronization

SimplifiedIQ ensures that data across all your systems is always up to date with real-time synchronization. This not only saves time but also reduces errors, ensuring that decisions are based on the latest information.

Customization & Flexibility

You have the flexibility to tailor the platform to your specific needs. Our integrations and API are designed to be as adaptable as possible, supporting a wide range of use cases and scenarios.

Future-Proof Technology Stack

Our commitment to open standards and compatibility means that as your technology needs evolve, SimplifiedIQ evolves with you, ensuring that your educational technology stack remains innovative.

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